I remember reading a Malcolm Gladwell book. I think it might have been Outliers, and it was the concept of being born during certain times of the year excelled your probability for success. For example, hockey players born on this month were more likely to make it as a professional. Baseball players were the same way… they were a bit older, which meant their bodies had matured. This boosted their confidence and allowed them to play on the all stars… so on. The same with school; hold a child back and get his confidence going.

But now that Nixon, born in July, is at that decision. He could be headed into kindergarten, but what are the pros/cons? Would we be doing him any disservices on either decision. From his maturity and how well he’s grasping things, he’s ready. He completes all 8 of these activities even before kindergarten. Well… he can follow instructions when he wants to, but otherwise – he can sit still, he loves to hear stories, he interacts well with other children, he’s potty-trained, he knows the alphabet, he handles his emotions well for the most part.

I also worry about holding him back and him then disliking school all together. He may have confidence, but he wouldn’t have ambition. Both of them play well together. And right now he does have that. He also is pretty tall for his age, so physically there should be no problem. But, I then doubt myself when he plays soccer with older kids. He does get frustrated because they are faster. On the flip side, he melts when he has to play with the younger kids. So, might as well keep him challenged to gain his confidence… rather than bored to keep it.

There’s additional studies that waiting a year for kindergarten, will benefit them in the short-term. They can learn a bit easier and have been known to do well.  But, after they get older, there’s no remarkable difference.. well except they start their life one year earlier. Yes, you start out as the underdog, but people also can be more impressed when they find out how “young” you are as you start hitting your stride. The key is finding that stride.

So here we go! We’re getting him enrolled in January. A good cheat sheet I found on what to expect – he should be able to dress himself, open his lunch, do a little more than ABCs. We’re getting there, but still have a few months.  Go team. We’ll just need to be his cheerleader as things progress.