Looking back this year, it felt that we accomplished quite a bit. It was not an easy year, but it was definitely a good year to be thankful. We had a lot of great things happen, which included these highlights.

European Vacation
In September, Bridget and I threw the kids on our back, packed the kids, flew them 18 hours over to Italy and Greece… and we survived. We saw some incredible things – The Coliseum, The Vatican, Venice, Santorini, Cinque Terra, Leaning Tower of Pisa, etc. It was just an amazing trip and we were appreciative to have experienced and seen such incredible things as a family.
Jason Gets Hitched
The reason we traveled to Europe was to attend Jason/Allie’s wedding in Santorini. The wedding itself was absolutely stunning from the boat trip the day before and the sunset we enjoyed at the winery which housed the wedding. It was incredible to experience such a beautiful place and wedding. And now Jason/Allie take their things from sunny SoCal and move to historic Boston. Life’s an adventure!
Nixon and Lyla
We had a great year! Nixon turned four and we had a bounce house for his birthday. He’s getting smarter and taller each day, and he competed in his first triathlon this year. He was the youngest competitor!  He’ll be in kindergarten already next year.  Lyla’s strong and cute personality shined through this year. She’s starting to speak, and her favorite words are “Mamma”, “No, Dad!”, “More”, “Shoes”, and “Cracker”. It’s been a great year with the two of them. Nixon is a great brother, and Lyla is starting to mould her world around her. #joy
California Travels
Bridget was able to sneak off by her lonesome to visit her brother for two days in Venice Beach. It was a quick trip, but good for her to “check out the pad.” The place that Jason and Allie had was pretty amazing, close to Tom’s Coffee, the beach, and Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach.
We also traveled to Monterey for Thanksgiving. It was great! The aquaurium, the city, the weather — the kiddos played in the ocean Thanksgiving weekend. They had a blast, which was a memorable way to spend Thanksgiving with Oma and Opa.
Projects for Houses
We had quite a few things happen:

  • Awesome new walkway up to our house
  • New roof and windows on the rental
  • Some breaks with some updated plumbing below the house
  • Flagstone paths and stairs in the front
  • And a cool African gardening system in the back!