A year of change, a year of growth — And here we stand stronger and smarter.

    The Islands of Tahiti
Wonderful and warm people. Beautiful destination. Challenging and rewarding work which keeps our team passionate. There was a lot of sweat and code that was created over the past few weeks for a wonderful digital experience across 18 regions of the world.
Website | TahitiTourisme.com
We’ve just started working with this client, and they seem remarkably smart and ambitious. I’ve personally learned a lot on the search side, which has been rewarding. A lot more to come in 2018!
Fargo truly is Reno’s sister city. There are so many coincidences (Scheels, Microsoft, Left of Center/North of Normal, etc.). I love the personality the destination has, which we were help come to live on the digital side.
Website | Fargo-Moorhead
  Thought Leadership
I had 2-3 speaking gigs this year, which was great. I went to DMA West and spoke on Personalization and Search. However, I left my voice in Reno, so the speech could have gone better.
Then I spoke in Tahiti on the new website, which was right before the Vice President of French Polynesia spoke. Crazy, right? Jarrod and I then spoke on a panel discussing digital topics, which was a lot of fun.
“End now Paul. It’s time for champagne!”
  Pod Transition
As a company, we moved from a vertical structure to a team-based format. We are now assigned to pods (aka teams), which I get the benefit of being a captain of the smartest people in town, let alone the company. It’s a big move for Noble as we pioneer the travel vertical.
Honorable Mention
The traveling was quite amazing this year…. SoCal, NorCal, Salt Lake City, Tahiti, and Seattle.
We also launched a small site, but great place – Tri-Valley.
And finally, it was great to renew our relationship with the Niantic group and do a small project. Good, smart peops in the Bay.