With the start of spring, also came in my optimism that our recent broken furnace could be pushed off for a few months. (Do Heating people give better deals to fix furnaces in the summer, probably not since it’s usually “Heating and Air Conditioning“, but who knows?) Needless to say, I hoped this was something that could be pushed off. We even had some good weather before the weekend hit.

The weekend brought probably one of the last snow storms to Reno this year, and that made the house a bit chilly. In fact, it brought back the 1880 Simpson days where I lived with Boly and Kev for six months, and only turned on the heater when we didn’t use the heater. We kept it at 55 degrees on the advice of the landlord, so the pipes would be okay.

Long story short, Sunday we had a fire in the fireplace to keep warm, but waking up this morning and seeing the 49 degrees concluded into a quick call to the furnace repair. And so our internal gas valve was replaced in the furnace, and now the house is warm again… for now. And Bridget and I are prepared for camping this summer. Yes!