My first year at KPS3 we did some really notable work. Here were the highlights:

Visit Carson City
This has been a great client that I’ve been involved with from tip to toe. We started with both RFPs, after being selected we’ve been developing the strat comm side, and then launching the brand with the website. A lot of great work has come out with them, and I’m excited to now start seeing the results and helping grow Carson City as a destination.
Another great purposeful client that I’ve been excited to work with. We’ve covered a wide range of topics. This includes Opioids, CMV Herpes for expectant moms, Syphilis awareness, Tobacco training for merchants, WIC, Working with the Statewide Independent Living Council, and helping workplaces be open to a more recovery-friendly workplace. These initiatives make our community a better place for everyone.
Acronyms are fun. RDC was an awesome and complex B2B client that we launched a great website for. Donor Network West launched the Save 8 campaign to help increase donors across northern Nevada and California And AGO was a complex beast but provided a tool for officers to check/update tobacco sales which included custom backend reporting
Santa Maria Valley
I traveled to Santa Maria quite a bit this year. We released a new “Uncorked” campaign, while also helping push along the overall presence via all other channels:PR, social, email, reengagement, etc.
New Endeavor within KPS3
I am now moving into a new role at KPS3 where I’m leading up sales and marketing. It should be a fun and great challenge that I’m looking forward to taking on. It’s been a void in the agency for quite some time, and I’m excited to fill and grow it from here. More to come!!