2019 brought us a lot of great change and joy. There were so many things that were appreciative that we were able to experience.

Here’s our 2019 milestones:

We’re Going to Disneyland
I could have never anticipated how magical Disneyland truly is. It has been 25+ years since I was there. And we came when the ghouls and ghosts were intertwined with the amusement parks. We ended up going with the kiddos during fall break, and we had so much fun. Nixon loved the water rides — Grizzley Peak and Splash Mountain — and he was a trooper for all the other rides we dragged him on. Lyla loved the Teacups, and hid from her favorite characters. We also met up with David and Adrian. It was a great family trip.
1000 Miles and Running
This year I accomplished a personal goal of running over 1,000 miles over the course of the year. I didn’t have a specific race that I was training for. But I enjoyed the runs, the podcasts, the moon and stars I ran under for the majority of the time. I also ended up running a half marathon up and down Peavine Mountain. That was awesome and memorable. From running past citizen gun ranges, dodging two rattle snakes, and stopping to see the beauty of the Reno landscape from a few thousand feet up.
Boston in July
Ahh my favorite city with my favorite brother of Bridget’s. We had a great time exploring Boston and eventually Portland, Maine. We enjoyed a Red Sox game, Maine crab, Lyla falling in love with Zelda (Allie and Jason’s dog), and celebrating Nixon’s 6th birthday in the City on a Hill.
Camping Trailer Adventures Begin
Bridget has really been pushing to get a camping trailer, and so we finally pulled the trigger and got one. There’s been a lot of learning involved – how to drive a trailer, how to work a trailer, maintenance and upkeep. We ended up doing a trial run in Graeagle, a long camping trip with the Dykins along the Northern California coast, and Stampede with my family. There were quite a few fun memories captured, so well worth it.
Front Yard Landscaping
It’s been 11  years — 11 years of moving dirt from one end of the yard to the other; 11 years of pulling weeds; 11 years of slowly improving the yard… until now! It’s all complete and mowed. Hurray!