The good:
We have been going to St. Mary’s Gym for the past year. They had a deal where if you went to the gym 120 times in the year, they’d kick you back $150. We had joined the gym October 2nd. But, 364 days later, our company switched insurance companies, which effectively ended that deal, one day short.

The insurance wouldn’t do anything for me, even though I had no control over my company’s decision. I tried multiple times to get the $150 back, but nothing happened. Then St. Mary’s Gym, separate from the insurance, decided to honor it themselves and gave me a gym credit of $150.

So not only do they offer a great gym, but also compliment it to keep the member’s best interest as a priority.

The Bad:

Bridget has wanted to buy these cabinets from Target for awhile now to build a desk. They are good quality cabinets, but the shipping has been ridiculous. We’ve looked at a few different ways to avoid this, such as having them shipped to the store, but nothing would work.

Randomly, today Bridget was looking on Target and saw that the cabinets were back on sale and also were offering free shipping. She quickly grabbed her credit card, and then proceeded to “check out”, but all of a sudden, the free shipping wasn’t being calculated.

So Bridget called Target. And Target’s Customer Service reps played dumb and tried to push her off. You could tell they wanted to get her off the phone.

We posted the screenshot of Bridget’s computer to the website, so the rep could view the promotion.  Initially, the rep said that she wasn’t getting the same result when she tried to order the cabinets. And then she proceeded to say that she couldn’t honor the discount because it wasn’t on

“Yes, ma’am. It’s a screenshot of your website. It has the date and time as well,” Bridget said.

The rep continued to try other ways of getting us off the phone. We even asked for a ticket number to be used as reference, but she said the call didn’t have one.

So we asked for a manager, and conveniently, she was the manager.  So knowing this was going nowhere but downhill, we’ll see if we get anywhere tomorrow.

Thanks Rose G. for all of your help. Not!