Year 2, moving on to Year 3. It was the first full year as VP of Marketing at KPS3. We had a lot of fun. And just like everyone across the world, work changed.  Here were the highlights:

New Role
This year was the first year as the VP of Marketing at KPS3. Last year I helped the account team support their clients, but this year I focused on marketing KPS3 and am responsible for the new biz sales for the organization. It’s definitely been a fun, whirlwind to grow from.
Awesome New Clients
Some of my favorite clients we brought on: Stellar, LP Insurance, Fusion, Dennis Uniform, Davidson Academy, Nutramedix, RIC, OutcomeMD, Willo, Accel KKR, Teampay, NV Secretary of State, Crisis Support Services, and a lot of DHHS mental health items to support Nevadans.
Work From Home…ing
Yeah, that’s now the “new normal” that we live in. It may be more efficient working with slippers but I do miss people in the office. Zoom, or Google Meetings, still run the roost.  Our office has been closed since March and we’ve settled in our new WFH lifestyle. And just as it was weird to think about working WFH in February (because we didn’t need to), and now going back to the office almost feels weird, this is what many offices around the world have done. And next year will bring many different challenges. And that’s what keeps us on our toes.
The Holiday Spirit
This year was a year of humbleness which we shared with our clients. We setup an option to support local non-profits or get an awesome WFH gift. We work with some amazing people that raised over $2k for local non-profits, plus other received a sweet WFH package.
Purposeful Initiatives
While my interaction was only on the frontend, it was cool to be part of Nevada’s first mail-in campaign. It was also wonderful and much needed to be part of helping improve Nevada’s mental health with all the isolation and quarantine. Our family also helped promote the Mask On, Move On campaign locally. We are models! There was also a lot of continued support with our other non-profits which was nice to see them continually move ahead despite everything going on.