We had an incredible year at work. We launched some amazing projects. We also pushed the limits in terms of our own growth. With all the excitement, here are the things that really affected me in a positive way

logo-tahiti The Islands of Tahiti

To represent a country that has such a mystique and prestige goes far beyond the pride that I feel. To know that the clients are amazing to work with makes this experience that much more fulfilling. We’re working on something great in 2017 but it all all started with a lot of hard work from our teams within 2016. Cheers to an eventual amazing experience!

Website | TahitiTourism.com

logo-wwf World Wildlife Fund
We finally had a few projects that we aligned ourselves with WWF. Such a very cool project to be part of! One was helping save the Belize endangered reef. We then worked with the Amsterdam office to help petition against wildlife crime. I love these projects that make a difference.
Website | Make Your Mark Campaign
logo-ffxv Final Fantasy | Square-Enix
Dream client! As a kid, I loved playing Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior. These were my favorite games: FFII had the story lines and friendships. I remember my friend Joey had the game and we played it together (since I didn’t have an SNES until later.) Then Dragon Warrior IV was such a cool storyline with the underworld, etc. For the latest series, we did a small campaign for FFXV to help promote the new game.
logo-yosemite Yosemite.com
We launched Yosemite.com! Originally known as YosemiteExperience.com, we eventually migrated this into Yosemite.com. We worked with a few wonderful people to ensure the overall park site was a success. Also, Noble paid for everyone to stay at the park after launch. (I stayed home since it was too close to Lyla’s arrival.) We’re seeing incredible results already and it’s wonderful to be associated with them.
logo-23andme Renown | 23 and me
Renown has focused on partnerships this year with the announcement of Stanford, and now DRI/23andme. This is the first community health study in the United States, and I’m proud to be part of it. In addition to this, I also got my genetics tested and found quite a bit of interesting details about my genealogy, health, and characteristics that are hard wired into me. I am excited to see what the community results say.
Website | http://partners.renown.org
icon-traveling Honorable Mention
The traveling was quite amazing this year. We did a lot. I ended up in the beautiful Fargo, ND for a client visit. We traveled to the cold, but wonderful Milwaukee. I also had various trips to So.Cal (Newport Beach, Santa Monica, visiting Jason), San Francisco (eTourism, agency tours), Yosemite (board meetings) and Tahoe. All in all, 12+ trips this year.