Looking back this year, it felt that we accomplished quite a bit. It was not an easy year, but it was definitely a good year to be thankful. We had a lot of great things happen, which included these highlights.

 2016-lyla-1 Lyla Arrives
In late May, we were welcomed by a smiley, beautiful baby that we named Lyla. Her name comes from the Lilac tree, which is the symbol of the 8th wedding anniversary. (I also liked the name Ella and Bridget liked Lilly.)
She’s an amazing little person already who can light up the room.
 2016-nixon-1 Nixon turns three!
What a whirlwind year for Nixon. He got a new sister. We moved him into a new bedroom (with Lyla taking his old one). He got a new bed. We camped outside in a tent for the first time. We played a lot of baseball. And he continues to make us smile with his personality and jokes.
 2016-travel The Usual Travel Loop
We ended up doing a few trips this year. We again went down to Spring Training to see the Rabes. We brought along Oma and Opa, so Opa could see his Giants play. We also saw the eventual World Champion Cubs. (We saw the Royals last year. We have a good track record for World Series Champs.) We saw two games – Giants and Angels.
We also went to see Erron and Alexya in North Bay. That’s always fun, including a trip to train town. Additionally, we stopped in Sacramento to adventure into the zoo.
  Interviewing my Parents
I had been thinking for quite some time that I’d like to video interview my parents. So, I interviewed each my mom and dad for roughly 85 minutes to 120 minutes.
It was incredible! I learned an amazing amount and the time I invested made it so much worthwhile. From their parents lives, to meeting each other in an inspiring love story, and then finally raising us. Now I have something that I can remember them by for many years to come.
 2016-rental-property New Rental
We are attempting to make smart investments, and Bridget and I have another rental. We initially bid on a house that had a lot of termite damage, so we had to walk away. However, the one we settled on is a much better fit. It’ll be a lot of work, but it’s close and in a good neighborhood.
(No better time to buy a rental with baby #2 just arriving… said nobody ever.)


Side note: Bridget also started a new job at REMSA this year. She interviewed for the position while 9 months pregnant. They said yes (because she’s full of awesome), and she started right after she finished her maternity leave. She’s been enjoying the new position.