2023 brought a lot of change. We had some great adventures. We moved to a new house. And we continued to get another year older.

Our New Home
After 15 years of living in the same cul-de-sac, our favorite neighbors mentioned they were leaving the neighborhood. And as luck would have it, we left a few weeks later.
We had always looked at open houses, and when we got to this one, the kids ran into separate rooms and pointed at their rooms. (This has never happened.) Despite this, the next day they had an offer.
We used it as an excuse to get our finances in order. Come to find out, Bridget’s dad had walked through the house. Nixon apparently had flown a toy plane into the tree, and he came to retrieve it the next day. Well, a few weeks passed and our realtor called to tell us the deal fell through. And so, we quickly put in an offer, and the rest is history.
What a blast! We flew down to Disneyworld, which was amazing. We started with Universal and hung out and experienced Harry Potter. The next day we were in Epcot. And then Animal Kingdom, Magical Kingdom, and then finished with Hollywood Studios. It was an experience of a lifetime.
Local Travel
This year we also went on a lot of local adventures:

  • During spring break, we drove down through Paso Robles to Santa Maria to Huntington Beach to Carlsbad and San Diego.
  • Camping in Shingletown KOA where we hung out with the Dykins and Paschals.
  • We headed to San Francisco with the Walquists and watched the Giants game.
  • For fall break, we headed to Bend where we went to a few breweries, Crater lake, and did a bunch of hiking.
KPS3 PartnerĀ 
In June, I became an owner of KPS3. The organization has some really amazing people, which attracting some pretty amazing clients… and things seem to be headed in the right direction.
Little League was a whirlwind this year. We started with Triple A. Nixon was the Red Sox, and he crushed the ball.Then we moved up into Major League for the fall ball. It was a lot faster, and the kids were older. I coached the team, which we ended up going 8-3. My proud moment was that we got crushed by two Truckee teams at the beginning. We then came back at the end of the year to beat them. It was a fun team.
We also went to the San Diego Padres, San Francisco Giants, and The Reno Aces (a handful of times) this year.

Honorable mention:

  • Nixon did his 5th Grade Lip Sync with two friends – Jack and Zane. They rocked the Yellow Submarine.
  • Lyla has been doing awesome in gymnastics, and she has a great teacher this year.
  • Lyla also is going to be a runner. Just saying.
  • Both Nixon and Lyla are in swimming, and Nixon is finishing up martial arts.
  • I had a great year running. I finished over 1,200 miles in total. I did the 11th year on the RTO. And I started to run some new routes and trails with the house. More to come!