2018 was a year of appreciation. There was so much that humbled me and filled our home with joy.

Here’s though some of the milestones:

KPS3 Chapter Begins
After wrapping up a week of travel to Yosemite and Newport Beach, I decided to give my notice to Noble to help take the next step in my career. The clients and people of Noble were wonderful over the past seven years. However, I could not pass on the opportunity to work closer with Rob. I’m really excited about the opportunity and where we’ll go. Tally ho!
Trip to Tahiti and Bora Bora
Bridget joined me for a work trip to Tahiti. We then escaped for a few days to Bora Bora by ourselves. It was amazing! We swam with rescued sea turtles. We also went on a lagoon tour to swim with eagle rays, sting rays, and sharks. Despite being away from the kids, we had a great time to relax and reconnect.
T-ball Begins
I coached Nixon’s tball team with a friend, Matt Brown. Wyatt (Matt’s son) and Nixon went to All About Kids preschool together. We had the youngest players (age 4) on the team. It was great! Some days Nixon was all over the place, but towards the end, he seemed to like the camaraderie that baseball brings.
We had to say goodbye to our beloved cat. Tink passed away from a very bad case of kidney renal failure.  Tink was more like a puppy-dog than a cat. She would be the first to greet you when you came home. She continually nagged you for attention. And she just wanted to sit in your lap as you carried on throughout your day. You are missed, my little white kitty.
Red Sox Win the Series
What an amazing time to be a Red Sox fan. They seem to win every time I make a big move in my life:

  • 2004 – Started dating the love of my life
  • 2007 – Finished my graduate degree and traveled to Thailand
  • 2013 – The year I became a dad. The Sox also won the series for Nixon.
  • 2018 – Lyla had gone almost 2 1/2 years without seeing the Sox win. Also, that same week I resigned from Noble to officially kickoff my career at KPS3, the Red Sox started to battle against the Dodgers.

Honorable Mention: Dia de las Muertos, HipCamp, Doctors!