This book was bought for me as a Christmas gift, and I was recently inspired to find a few different ideas while I workout at home. 

So, I do have to mention there was a lot of self-promotion of the TB12 products and gym. But, if you can look past that and realize Tom Brady is still competing in the NFL as one of the bestat age 40+, there’s some truth behind it. (Also funny side note – did you know that Gisele is the breadwinner of that relationship?) 

Here’s the notes: 

  • Traditional strength training and wind sprints create unbalanced muscles that will lead to imbalance and injury 
  • The biggest less is the importance of competition and the need to earn my role on the team. If you’re naturally the best, you’re never challenged and you lose the opportunity to become mentally tough. 
  • Keeping positive – Things happen that I don’t welcome or want, but I make a choice to be positive. That is something within my control. I make a choice to be positive everyday
    • Wisdom – knowing things you can control vs. things you cannot
  • Here’s the items to consider when building out workout routines
    • Pliability – The missing part of training. This is creating long and soft muscles 
    • Resistance Training – Provides balance in the muscles. You don’t need to be the strongest athlete. You just need to be strong enough and creating balance is key. 
    • Hydration – Incredibly important. Drink 1/2 your weight in oz each day. Tom doesn’t drink alcohol or coffee. And when he does, he overloads himself on water to ensure he has water. 
    • Rest- Give time for your body and mind to heal 
    • Neuroplasticity – Continue to find ways to challenge your brain. Brain training is an important element. Here’s the ways to have your muscles stay resilient.
    • Nutrition – eat real food. That’s vegetables, raw vegetables. The other stuff you see are not necessarily good fo you, but you should be eating a lot more raw vegetables. And with that, focus on alkaline foods more than anything else. Acidifying food lead to more colds, flu, fatigue, etc.