I have no idea how this book found it’s way into our library. I may have picked it up for free at some point. But it stared at me in our closet, asking me if today it was to fulfill it’s purpose. So, I grabbed it.

The majority of this book is centered around the principles of Asian culture living. The author believes that disease and disappointment occur when our physiological state becomes blocked. Having an imbalance of Ki (life energy) results in disease.

He maintains that breathing exercises help keep us in a perfect state where we have our cool mind, relaxed heart, and warm belly. Deep breathing, belly breathing helps focus and positive energy. It gives us a relaxed state of mind.

He also endorses acupuncture as a way of healing. This helps release these blockages and created better Ki.

Meditation is key to listening to our soul. Meditation builds focus and quiets the mind. It lets us connect.

That’s it… for the most part. He confronts the issue that everything is changing around us. Everything we love will soon whither and die.  Nothing is constant. “I” is ego, so be more about other people.

“We are what we do”
“We cannot change the past because it no longer exists”

This isn’t a bad book, but one that was a bit too, uhm, maybe corny for me. He seems to write at his audience, not to them. Either way, interesting to hear more about the Asian culture, but glad this was a short read.