This book was recommended by Opa. I was looking for a new way to think about investing, so this book seemed like a good quick read. And that it was. It seemed to just re-emphasize the same point.

  • Keep your money in index funds. … And keep it there… in the index funds. Just keep it there.
  • Stocks are a losing game. The best stocks today will be the losers tomorrow.
  • Majority of financial planners and wall street make money off of the consumer… not necessarily the stocks.
  • It’s a safer better to put money into index funds. ETFs can also be a good alternative as well.
  • As stated from another blog, here’s their summary:
    1. Actively managed funds aren’t good. Past profits don’t guarantee future success.
    2. The majority of your money is best invested in safe, low-cost index funds.
    3. You can’t go wrong by just choosing the cheapest index fund.