Year 7. Here we go. After taking 2016 off, Bridget took the reigns over and captain’d our team. She did a great job with managing finances, logistics, legs, etc. She really made it happen, which was great.

We had a great crew this year. Van 1 – Bridget, Shayna (yep), Jason, Kristin, BC, and myself. Van 2 – Rob, Nagisa, Sarah, William, Erin (from Chi-town), and Rob’s cousin.

I probably had the most fun this year compared to the last few ones. It was nice to be relaxed, watch Jason looking like Waldo, less people on the course, and the overall temperament was to enjoy and be supportive.

Bridget also had the challenge of Leg 4. I don’t know how that girl powers herself, but she motored up hills in our training, and Leg 4 was no different for her. I even tried to meet her a mile ahead of the finish line. I mainly just got out of her way: it was hot; she was cruising, and almost done with the hardest leg on the RTO. Perhaps a better way to say it… Dog Valley got challenged by Bridget.

My legs went well! I averaged an 8:30 pace across the 15 miles. My first run was hot and long. There were a lot of straightaways where I was thinking that this was torture. The second leg was amazing at night. A mile uphill, but then everything else was downhill. I also loved to hear the running water around us. I even saw a giant waterfall, which I stared at for awhile with the full moon behind me. It was beautiful from the sound an visual side. And the last leg was a challenge against myself on how fast I could run it. It was good. This was probably my easiest leg so far. And, my total scores (with Kristin setting me up) was 14 kills, and 1 person who passed me. Not bad… not bad at all.

In total, this was a good year. It brought fun back into the equation. We finished in 26:33. And we’re now done with our 7th year. And weirdly enough, I’m already looking forward to next year.  BOOM!

Overall we finished 56 out of 237 teams; 18th in our division out of 112 teams.